Ready stock is available in plain pouches with variety of options given below

Styles of pouches available in stock

  • In Stand up pouches there is and option of different style on bottom seal. Like U shaped seal bottom, k seal bottom, straight seal or just fold.

  • We have different hanging options for pouches like Euro slot punch, round hole punch, D cut handle and a butterfly style punch.
  • If weight of product to be packed is more than 3 kgs than we recomend a D cut handle where the end customer can lift and carry the pouch from the D handle that is on top of the pouch.

Material of pouches available in stock

  • Both sides full color Coated (Kindly check available colors for your desired size and type of pouch)
  • One side Coated and other side clear
  • Oval window pouch which has one side oval window and other side fullcolor Coating
  • Both side brown paper foil metalized from inside,
  • Both side clear transparent pouches.
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This stock of plain unprinted pouches is best for following type of companies:

A company who would like very fast delivery or wants something overnight. Because we keep stock of stand up pouches at all times available to be shipped overnight. Hence the customer just need to get ready printed stickers to paste on stand up pouches.
A Start up company or a company who would not like to spend money on cylinder developing cost initially for printed pouches.
Those organizations whose product range is very extensive and won’t like to block money on MOQ of pouches for each item.
The organizations who has several different products with different design, sizes and photos of their products are to be printed on pouches, In that situation the expense of printing cylinders is not viable at the outset because several cylinders will be required to print different artworks and seprate set of cylinders each size.
For companies who want to show product image outside the pouch yet as well as they require aluminum foil laminate barrier for extended shelf life and also to protect against oxygen & moisture WVTR or moisture barrier and OTR properties requirement. For this type of a constraint, customer can fix printed stickers on pouches with their product picture so initially the customer would not have to invest in cylinder developing charges.
These Stock stand up pouches are very useful for contract packing firms or private-label manufacturing wherein they have the convenience to choose any size, any type of pouch with various options and any small minimum quantity to pack the products for their customers. All these pouches are ready in stock so they can get the pouches anytime. # We have plain pouches in sizes from 5 gms to 5 kgs. Our bag capacity is measured with Dairy Whitener volume. For example if we want to fill coffee beans in our 500 gram pouch than we can fix 250 grams of coffee beans in our 500 gram size pouch. So kindly check the correct size required before ordering.# If the requirement is of an extended shelf life, then aluminum foil laminate material is to be used. These pouches have the highest barrier properties. Second comes metalized barrier pouches that have high-medium barier properties. Then window barrier pouches, These pouches have medium barrier and we recommend those customers who wants to show their products from the window can choose these pouches. Paper Pouches with aluminum foil lining have a good barrier resistance against water vapor and oxygen because of metalized foil lamination within paper hence packed food remains fresh for a longer time duration.
For customers who are packing coffee, tea, spices, herbs and other products that have a requirement for preserving the aroma, smell barrier pouches are required. Hence our aluminum foil barrier pouches that have high aroma retention or gas barrier properties. filling these products in these specialized pouches will ensure that the original smell of the product is locked and when the pouches are opened by the end customer the same fresh aroma is always there for the customer.