At Packman, we understand our future is closely connected for the achievement of our clients. Hence whether your needs are small or big, instantaneous or long range, we welcome the chance to serve you in enhancing and developing your printed zipper pouches / reclosable plastic bags.

Substances which can be said below comes with elective 8 shades Gravure printing with lamination done in distinct mixture and kind of Printed Zipper Pouches / Printed Zipper pouches.

We produce printed zipper pouches in a variety of stuff mixtures like:

  • Bopp/Bopp laminated bags
  • Bopp/ ldpe laminated bags-pouches
  • Bopp/ Cpp laminated bags-pouches Bopp

  • 5 layer nylon barrier laminated bags-pouches

  • Bopp/ 7 layer evoh obstacle laminated bags-pouches
  • polyester/ ldpe laminated bags-pouches, Polyester
  • 5 layer nylon barrier laminated bags-pouches, Polyester
  • 7 layer evoh laminated bags-pouches

  • Pet/Alu foil/ ldpe Laminated bags-pouches
  • opp bags with surface printing, high obstacle bags

Programs for printed zipper pouches / reclosable plastic bags. :

  • FOOD PRODUCTS : Tea, Coffee, Spices, Tobacco, Biscuits, Potato chips, Breads, confectionery, legumes, snack foods, meat, Dried fruits or nuts, etc.
  • COSMETICS & TOILETRIES : Powder etc.


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Distinct fashions in printed/unprinted zippered pouches / reclosable plastic bags

  • Simple zipper bags
  • Perforated zippper bags
  • Bopp Laminated reseal competent pouches
  • Reclosable stand up pouches
  • Three side seal reclosable zipper bags
  • Two side sealed zipper totes-pouches etc in distinct substance mixture.

  • Programs for printed zipper pouches / r

Essential Characterstics

  • Inverse print supplies high shine to get a quality appearance.
  • Superb barrier properties.

  • Extensive variety of substrates.