Food Grade Vacuum Pouches by Packman

vacuum-pouch-packmanAlso referred to as food vacuum pouches or barrier vacuum pouches, gives a barrier against atmosphere and moisture.Vacuum Pouches for Non-Chamber Equreclosablepouchipment

These types of vacuum pouches are developed especially for machines that perform an external vacuum. The micro layered vacuum bags are made from food grade plastic material.Vacuum bags are of primarily 3 types : 3 Layes Vacuum

Bags, 5 Layer Vacuum Bags , 7 Layes Vacuum Bags.Vacuum Pouches for Chamber machines.

These kind of vacuum pouches are appropriate for chamber vacuum sealers. These pouches comprise of 2 smooth layers of polyamide(nylon)-polyethylene barrier material. 3mil is the most common thickness for vacuum pouches that meets USDA standards for food packaging. These pouches would not have a layer of fine mesh because the chamber vacuum machines evacuates air after the pouch is within the chamber.

Other Types of Vacuum Bags

There are additional special vacuum bags like light barrier pouches, boilable vacuum pouches, and bone guard pouches.
Our pouches excel in machinabili, impact and seal strength. Our multipurpose vacuum bags are compatible with all kinds of VACUUM and MAP equipment. Flexographic and Rotogravure printing alternatives are also an option.

Meat Packaging Vacuum Pouhes

Packman provides a wide range of flexible barrier packaging materials manufactured on high tech machines. Multi-layered Vacuum Bags and films are produced for a wide variety of food applications with extended shelf life.

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