Three Side Seal Pillow Pouches by Packman

The meaning of three side seal bags is all the three sides of the bags are sealed . One side of the bag is kept open for the client to fill the product and seal the fourth side with a heat sealer.

3 side seal bags can be made with or without a re-closeable zipper.  In this type of pouch a variety of options are available for shelf hanging purpose i.e. round hole punch, euro slot punch, butterfly punch & D cut handle for lifting the bags.
Three side seal pouches can be manufactured in different sizes from small sachets of 5gms packing to 25 kg Packing Pouches.
These pouches can be used to pack products across various sectors. i.e. Pharma, processed food, meat, sea food, biscuits, candy, tea, coffee, pet food, food supplement powders, agrochemicals, etc.
Three side seal pouches can be made from different substrates.  The choice of material depends on the requirement of the product to be packed, aesthetics and artwork approved by the customer. We will be happy to assist and recommend the type of material suitable for a product.

We can make 3 side seal pouches with a combination of flexible material  like window pouches or transparent pouches, brown paper, white paper, silver metalized laminates, aluminum foil laminates,

Please call us for your requirements so we can suggest the best possible product for you.