Spices are sensitive culinary ingredients and they are costly too. Therefore spice packaging is not only about maintaining good quality and durability; these are all about ensuring the best garden quality of spices till they reach at the end retail point that is at the kitchen of the consumers.

In Packman industries we understand and honor the delicacy of spice, herbs, and seasonings, and strive to offer the best possible packaging solutions for all our clients involved in spice manufacturing and marketing business. The advantages of Packman Industries will include.

  • Safe and effective packaging solution with best possible cost efficiency.
  • The packaging will offer optimum quality protection for handling of the packets and sending them up to retailers.
  • The packaging will offer stimulation/encouragement for quality conscious customers for preferring a specific spice brand.
  • Material included PET, MET-PET, PP, PPFP, and other high-barrier packaging structures.

At Packman industries it is our constant endeavor to offer our clients the best possible spice packaging for all the spice products , . We are committed to offer our customers robust quality assurance that no odor or incident of cross contamination of flavor will occur in our pouches.

We understand the preciousness of time and that is why we try to offer best and quick turnaround time to our customers.We are market savvy; ; all our packaging experts are not only knowledgeable they are passionate about knowing latest knowhow about packaging including spice packaging. This is the reason the spice packaging solutions by Packman industries are product specific, user friendly, strictly non-toxic and the packaging functions best on grocery counters and meet wide range of demands of consumers.

Out product portfolio includes Custom Printed and Un-Printed pouches in below formats:

Central Seal pouches Three-side seal pouches
Ziplock pouches Side Gusseted Pouches
Stand up Pouches Standup with Ziplock
Spouted Stand Up Spouted

Un-printed colored pouches: These are ideal for packing mobile accessories like cables, and similar items.
One Side Transparent Pouches: Other side Silver/ Colored / White/ Aluminium
Vacuum Pouches : We manufacture vacuum pouches as per product specification.

No matter you are planning to launch new spice products in market or you want to revamp your existing products’ packaging, for all types of spice packaging need you can contact Packman Industries: the packaging experts here will help you in creating latest and the best affordable product specific packaging solutions that will boost your product’s retail value for sure.

Contact the company to learn how it can support your spice packaging to bring better business for you.