Convenience food is a concept that is prevalent in the developed world since long, while its inception into the Indian market has been recent. With the changing socio-economic pattern of life and the increasing number of working couples, the concept is fast becoming popular in Indian market. This type of food is becoming popular because it saves time and labour. This food has extended shelf-life and is available off the market shelves. Noodle and Soup is the important category of ready to cook food.

Herbs, spices and veggies chunks present in noodles taste-maker and soups are the reasons for their distinguish taste and aroma, they require high barrier from moisture, light, air and microbes so that they effectively do magic with taste. Noodles required being intact till it reaches customers kitchen.

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All the packaging solutions offered by us are excellently attractive, and climate resistant for offering excellent shelf life of these sensitive and costly edible products.

For effective and cost efficient packaging, Packman Group offers best quality and toxin free Stand up and Zipper Pouches.

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