Snack foods and chips are now hot in demand nationwide. As a result of this consumer demand snack food industry is growing each day and presently it is an out and out buyers’ market. Due to tough competition and continuous expansion of market, business units dealing in Snack food / chips manufacturing and marketing are overtly conscious these days about good quality, attractive, and hygienic product packaging along with best product quality. “Packman Industries” is experienced enough in offering comprehensive and cost effective Snack food / chips packaging solutions for its clients since quite a long time.

Ideal concept of ideal Snack food / chips packaging includes not only attractive print quality and bright colors, these packets need to be durable and with high barrier quality to keep them moisture protected and air proof. To ensure best food protection Packman Industries mostly prefer 4 Layer film structures for their Snack food / chips packaging solutions. Besides these initial selection processes, Packman team also conducts shelf-life testing and precision analysis of material data sheets for offering best and appropriate packaging solution for snack food items for their clients.

“Packman industries” offers different types of pouch packs for creating comprehensible and compatible packaging solution for their clients incorporating multiple barriers and sealing layers for keeping the packaged products in best condition and ensures their prolonged shelf life.

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