Rice is the staple food of India and is one of the major crops that is transported inter country and for export around the world. Good quality rice packaging not only introduces easy handling and convenience of logistics, it prevents spoilage and extends its shelf period.

Packma Industries offers comprehensive, compact, and cost efficient rice packaging solutions for all its clients taking best care of branding. The rice packaging solution is compatible for long term storage of rice for meeting the demand in consumer market about old rice in market especially for non-parboiled and Basmati rice.

The inherent qualities of Packman Rice packaging:

The rice packets manufactured by Packman Industries,

  • Ensures quality protection and offers excellent durability,
  • looks clean, easy to handle from one store to other as well as compatible to withstand logistics hassle,
  • are easily identifiable, and found embossed with rice related information like name and address of packer, pack-size (quantity), quality (grade), variety, and date of packing, etc.

We manufacture specialty pouches for Rice packaging

  • Rope and Rivet
  • Handle for easy customer handling
  • D cut or Round finger cut
  • Four panel pouches
  • Window and metallic effect
  • Matt finish printing

No matter you are planning to launch new rice supply in market or you want to revamp your existing rice supply packaging, for all types of rice packaging need you can contact Packman Industries: the packaging specialists here will help you in creating latest and the best affordable product specific packaging solutions that will help you in maintaining a robust rice supply chain.

Contact the company to learn how it can support your rice packaging for excellent business promotion and quality assurance!