Milk and milk products form an essential component of the human diet and no other single natural food meets the nutritional requirements better than milk. In India, people consume milk as part of their daily diet and hence the consumption of fluid milk is very high.

Milk products like paneer, yogurt, cheese, traditional sweets, condense milk, ghee, butter, ice cream; milk powders, malted milk food, infant food milk powder etc have their own respective quality parameters.

They are perishable products and need regular quality check and protection from light, microbes, moisture, heat, oxidation and other deteriorative agents. Taste and nutritional value of dairy products are very sensitive parameter, dairy products have ability to grasp foreign odors and also very much susceptible to oxidative rancidity and microorganism growth.

Packman Industries understand all the requirements and provide suitable solution according to the customers, The Company offers packaging materials which have oxygen, moisture and seal properties essential for offering excellent product protection, which looks attractive, at the same time offers excellent durability at affordable pricing. With product specific packaging arrangement you will get the advantages like Safe and efficient packaging solution, packaging will offer safety for transport to the processor and up to retailers, the packaging will offer stimulation/encouragement for quality conscious customers for preferring a specific dairy and product brand.