Pulses are one of the most popular food grains widely used in India and a considerable amount of this produce are packaged for export. Same is applicable for cereals; these packaged foods are in wide demand these days and consumer prefer to purchase products with best packaging.

Presently, pulses and cereals are top rated marketable products and packaging of these items should be ideally durable enough so that it can withstand the hassle of transportation and the obligation of high stacking in the retail outlets till it reaches at consumers’ kitchen.

Pulses and cereals are mostly packaged in plastic pouches as plastic pouches are easy to carry, print friendly, occupies lesser space in retail counters, and excellently moisture protected. Packman Industries manufacture quality pouches in different sizes for packing pulses and cereals so that the product quality remains fresh.

Branding and right information about the ingredients is one of the prime requisites of health conscious cereal consumers while she purchases for the cereal brands for her family. “Packman industries” is exceptionally experienced in offering excellent print quality for their pulses and cereal packaging as an extra marketing support for the customers.

“Packman Industries” offers Vacuum-sealed pulse and cereal packaging for providing best possible tightly sealed environment for the grains. Two forms of packaging solutions for pulse and cereal packaging are used by Packman. These are Custom Printed with best quality in .

  • Packaging pouches
  • Laminated rolls

Pouch packaging are convenient to carry for the consumers, and good print quality helps in display brand promotion of the concerned company’s product and brand promotion.

No matter if you are planning to launch new Cereal or pulse products in market or you are planning to revamp your existing products’ packaging; for all types of Pulses / Cereal Packaging needs contact Packman Industries: the packaging experts here will help you in creating latest and the best affordable product specific packaging solutions that will boost market presence and customer satisfaction.

Contact the company to learn how it can support your Pulses / Cereal Packaging for excellent business promotion and quality assurance!