The bakery industry, production of which has been increasing steadily in the country, is the largest among the processed food industries in India. The two major food industries viz. Bakery and Confectionery.

The packaging of bakery and confectionery products is closely interlinked with production, preservation, storage, transportation and marketing. The importance of packaging can further be gauged from the fact that packaging constitutes a fair portion (10 to 25%) of the entire cost of the pack.

Since these are moisture sensitive products, water vapor transmission rate of the packaging material used is of importance as it is closely associated with drying, physical structure and protective action against oxidation. These products not only become brittle and hard but also develop oxidative rancidity at very low moisture contents. Temperature also plays a very important role.

PACKMAN INDUSTRIES provide wide range of packaging options for bakery and confectionery products, we understand the quality, aesthetic, nutritive and protective requirement of these products and accordingly assist our customers for best packaging in the market.

There are several basic requirements of a package intended to contain bakery and confectionery products.

  • Water vapor permeability of packages
  • Oxygen exchange from within and outside a package
  • Aroma impermeability characteristics of packaging materials
  • Resistance to seepage of fats and oils
  • Protection against deteriorative visible and ultra violate radiation
  • Good printability and appearance
  • Physical, mechanical protection to the products against shocks, crushing and vibrations
  • Compatibility and safety of the packages