We @ Packman are masters of Liquid Packaging

We understand the cost of logistics is a major factor for any industry and this is specifically more applicable for liquid packaging (Grease Packaging, Oil Packaging),  hence we have mastered the recipe of leak proof liquid packaging to ensure safety of the product packed.

To create appropriate Grease Packaging, Oil Packaging pouches multiple criteria needs to be met and implemented, but the most significant factor Packman team considers is offering the optimum protection for the lubricants/grease leakage at the time of transporting, shipping and storing.

Grease Packaging, Oil Packaging should be done in an intricate way keeping complete focus on damage control of the pouches ensuring “zero leakage” perspective without compromising prominent and dynamic packaging design.

Packman industries offer packaging solutions for automotive lubricants like : engine oil, gear oil, brake oil, & special application lubricants.

Packman Liquid packaging products are known for their quality and best durability.

The company deals in manufacturing of:

  • Spouted pouches: We are experts in manufacturing spouted pouches (with nozzle)
  • Laminated rolls: both printed and unprinted varieties
  • Packaging pouches: we manufacture stand up pouch, three side seal pouch, side guzzet pouch etc.
  • Printed pouches: we manufacture printed pouches with multicolored (upto 8 Colors) printing with transparent base with selected parts being transparent or totally opaque as per customer sanctioned design and agreeable conditions.
  • Stock Pouches: Pouches in stock/plain/Unprinted pouches ( available in Center Seal, 3-side sealed packs,three-side seal with Zipper, and Stand-Up, standup with zipper, spouted pouches, standup with spout) or is customized printed pouches.

No matter you are planning to launch new Grease Packaging, Oil Packaging products in market or you want to revamp your existing products’ packaging, for all types of Lubricant/Grease packaging needs you can contact Packman Industries: the packaging experts here will help you in creating latest and the best affordable product specific packaging solutions that will boost market presence and customer satisfaction.

Contact the company to learn how it can support your Lubricant or grease packaging for excellent business promotion and quality assurance!